Mortgage Application Enhancements

Loan Pipeline

We are in the closing stages of testing our Loan Application enhancements where you will be able to send your loan application directly to the lender from within Adviser CRM.

This will be Version 1.0 of what we imagine will be the first of many and we will be diving in and developing further enhancements straight after this first release.  Some of the following enhancements will include.

  • Populate loan application with all client data
  • Notes to your loan application
  • Create PDF loan application to send to client and lender
  • Send directly to lender from within Adviser CRM, including the Loan application, Application Notes and Supporting File Attachments
  • Track your Loan Pipeline using our Sales Pipeline View (existing feature)
  • Build your own automation to improve your workflow processes.

We are not increasing our price for this enhancement.

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