Adviser CRM can be fully customised.  If you have the "in-house" technical capabilities you can customise your version of Adviser CRM.

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Are there additional costs?

We want to get off the right start with you, so it is important to understand what is not included as part of your monthly subscription, and will be an additional cost, such as;

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What comes with Adviser CRM

The following is included in free your initial setup process. We setup email integration for you for Office 365, Gmail or other IMAP mail services We setup your calendar synchronisation with Office 365 or Google Calendar Help you create your email signature for sending email inside of Adviser CRM We provide free unlimited training for the first 30 days We provide training for licensed users only Additional training is available at our hourly training rate Weekly webinars are free for any licensed users to join We have video tutorials available via our secure and exclusive support portal for Adviser CRM [...]

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