Audit Trail

Need to be audited by the FMA? No problem, we can keep a full audit trail of client history, communication, files, meetings, calls and tasks. A complete view of client history locked and auditable of who changed or added what and when.

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Security Control

Build your own security profiles to allow certain people to see and do certain things such as Office Admin can see and edit all adviser records, but advisers can only see their own, or the business owner has complete control over all access and records, or maybe a telemarketer needs view only access. You can provide different set of permissions to various users.

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Insurer Data

Save countless hours of data entry by using our insurer data tool to keep your life policies up to date. If you don’t have any data, talk to our team about using your insurer data to create new clients and policies for your CRM.

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Smartphone Apps

Use our iOS and Android smartphone apps that allow you to take everything with you in your pocket.  Take all your client information, meetings and tasks with you, even their policies and loans.

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Automation can save countless hours of repetitive work such as renewal notices, sending your initial disclosure document, fixed rate expiries, birthdays etc.  Automation will help you keep in touch and communicate with your clients, which will be critical when regular communication to clients will be a requirement.

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Files and Documents

Keep all your files and document in one place inside Adviser CRM and attach to your clients, policies and loans or; if you prefer to use Dropbox and other document cloud storage, just copy your external link to your client record and it’s just like having your document attached but stored in your preferred cloud storage.

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