The independent CRM for Insurance and Mortgage Advisers

Adviser CRM is a complete CRM solution to manage all of your leads, clients, policies, loans, client communication, documents, meetings, marketing and much more.  Adviser CRM can put your policy and loan renewals on automation while you spend more time with sales leads and writing new business.

If compliance is your focus right now, no problem, use our process builder to build your step-by-step processes you and your team can follow, or ask about our customisation service to create your business processes for you.  Keep a complete client communication history of emails, meetings, phone calls, tasks and documents for auditing.

Adviser CRM is packed full of features to help you to build a better business.  We are an independent CRM Provider and are not owned by, or exclusive to any financial services group. Your data is yours and Adviser CRM can follow you wherever you go.

Hear what Advisers just like you, have to say.

Mike Tonks
RMA Financial (Otago)

Sean and the team at Adviser CRM have been fantastic at getting us all set up and have been very helpful and patient with us as we have navigated our way through the early stages of learning the system. We are very grateful for the support and are impressed with the system and what it can report on, as well as its customisation ability. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a new, sophisticated CRM.

Perry Bell

Perry Bell
Perry Bell Financial

I’ve been using Adviser CRM for the past few years and it has saved me so much time. I’m not technically savvy but love the automation for policy renewals and fixed rate expiries that get sent to clients automatically. I use the insurer data imports to keep all policies up to date. It also keeps a full client history of meetings, calls, tasks, emails, files and everything else I’d highly recommend Adviser CRM.

Wikus Erasmus

Wikus Erasmus
Cover Group

ACRM is great! I use it to manage and track the whole process super easy. From the moment I get a lead to when they say “YES” all the way through to completion and review automation!  I’m busy as it is and this is a huge time saver that allows me to run a report rather than sifting through Excel files and manually track everything and losing productivity.  Less time doing admin – More time for coffee and closing!!

What are your priorities?


Take Adviser CRM with you regardless of what group you belong to.  You may not be part of a group at all, or maybe you are building your own group. We provide a simple pricing model for everyone which makes Adviser CRM affordable and transportable regardless of your industry arrangements.

  • You know exactly how much you are going to pay.
  • No need to move CRM if you move groups.
  • No long term contracts.
  • Your data can be downloaded for free.